Run & Follow is an experience to put it plainly. What began as a personal fashion and lifestyle blog has quickly grown into an immersive multi faceted web experience. At RAF we don’t want you to just “dream big”, we want you to make plans of action and achieve your desires and dreams. We are here to empower you to be able to work towards your goals, achieve anything you set your mind to and remember to have fun and take risks along the way.

Right now you’re where it all started, the blog. As the movement has grown so has the blog which includes a small team of boss ladies sharing their lives as they navigate college, the workforce, fashion and everything else related to being a modern woman.

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Hi, I’m Anna. I started this blog in high school to highlight my personal fashion and lifestyle. In 2018 I launched my webstore Run & Follow Shop and began working on communicating with the world via YouTube. As I have expanded into other interests, I realized I couldn’t give my audience the content they deserved by myself anymore which is why I decided to turn to some of my favorite women and ask them to be content creators. Run & Follow isn’t a single narrative, it isn’t one person’s journey, it is a movement of people who are doing more than just chasing their dreams, they are in hot pursuit of what gets them going and I can’t wait to see where this journey takes all of us.

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Hi I’m Tara, I am a communications major, more specifically a film-video major, at PenState who is still experiencing life and growing as a person and a filmmaker. I have plenty of travel, film, and personal experience posts coming your way. You can always find me working at my local ice-cream store, a production company, or behind the camera on my personal projects. Enjoy and never be afraid to contact me!



My name is Nabi and I am an FBM student at the Fashion Institute of Technology in NYC. I’m super in to social justice, astrology, and anything new agey/ “witchy”.  I’m passionate about communicating my ideas via writing, fashion, or painting. When I’m not at school, I am probably interning at Fashion Snoops or working at Urban Outfitters, but besides that, my hobbies include: thrifting, painting, reading, or trying out new food spots. Be sure to look out for my posts on Run and Follow!


Hey! I’m Maia and I’m an Advertising & Marketing Communications major with an English minor at the Fashion Institute of Technology. I live in Greenwich Village in Manhattan and in my free time I love to explore the city, travel, and make art; mostly painting but I’m hoping to expand into other mediums. My goal is to work for a magazine someday so I hope you like my pieces!

Want to join the team? Send a sponsorship? Chit chat about world domination? Email us at runandfollow@gmail.com