Sweater Sessions: Slam Poem #1

Sweater Sessions: Slam Poem #1


Today we are tying something different my dear subscribers!!!

This is a segment I have eagerly and nervously been hoping to launch for the past six months ever since the idea appeared in my head. Today I am introducing the “Sweater Sessions” to my blog. If you subscribe to my YouTube you will have already seen this.

Every Thursday I will be uploading a video of me reading one of my poems, and eventually I hope to integrate some pieces of writing as well. To go along with the title, and tie it slightly to fashion I will be wearing a different sweater in each video that I will tell you guys about.

Poetry/ writing in general has been a huge outlet for me in the past four years when dealing with growing pains, break ups and bullying and I hope you guys enjoy my work.

Here is the link for the first poem:

Let me know what you think of this first poem.

Happy Valentines Day!

With love,



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